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  • Cyril Achard
    Superb French guitarist
  • Airless
    Spain's #1 melodic metal act.
  • Anand
    Dutch guitar virtuoso in the vein of Joe Satriani with drummer Mike Terrana.
  • Angel Of Eden
    Neo-Classical Power Metal feat Roger Staffelbach & Carsten Schulz.
  • Anthriel
    Stunning prog metal from Finland
  • Faraz Anwar
    Great guitarist from Pakistan.
  • Coste Apetrea
    Swedish prog rock legend
  • Arabesque
    Progressive Metal from the Netherlands
  • Artension
    Progressive Neo-Classical masters
  • Ashent
    Dark prog metal from Italy
  • Astra
    Progressive Metal in the vein of Dream Theater
  • Awake
    UK prog metal act in the vein of Evergrey

Sean Baker Orchestra
Heavy American Shred

Italian Modern  Groove Metal

Jennifer Batten
The guitarist of choice for Jeff Beck and Michael Jackson

  • Day Six
    Dutch progressive three piece with great originality and stunning live show.

  • Delphian
    Female fronted prog from the Netherlands

  • De Gladas Kapell
    Classic prog from the 70's revisited

  • Docker's Guild
    Sci-Fi Prog Rock masterpiece by Douglas Docker with an all star cast.

  • Dogpound
    Melodic hard rock quartet from Sweden

  • The Dreamside
    One of Goth's most successful bands.

  • Dreyelands
    Melodic Prog Metal, a highlight of 2010

  • Godscum
    Marcel Coene's new super heavy band

  • Steen Grøntved
    Classy and modern danish session guitarist.

  • Grönholm
    Excellent song driven outfit from Finland.

  • Imaginery
    Prog power metal from Bob Katsionis and Bjorn Jansson

  • Infinity Overture
    Symphonic Power Metal, with Niels Vejlyt (guitar) and Ian Parry (vocals)

  • Iron Mask
    Stunning neo-classical power metal from Dushan Petrossi

  • Massimo Izzizzari
    Guitar wizard from Italy, in the style of Greg Howe - very melodic.

  • Benny Jansson
    Swedish guitar ace of Tears Of Anger and Ride The Sky.

  • Jarra
    US classic heavy metal

  • Marcus Jidell
    Swedish metal guitar master of Evergrey and Royal Hunt delivers goes instrumental.

  • Anton Johansson's Galahad Suite
    Former Mister Kite bassist returns with a stunning epic prog rock/metal concept album entitled Galahad Suite.

  • John Macaluso & Union Radio
    Great new band from the former ARK / Malmsteen drummer, features James LaBrie and Marco Sfogli.

  • Alex Masi
    Grammy nominated guitar virtuoso

  • Dave Martone
    Canadian space age guitar

  • Mastercastle
    Italian metal featuring members of Labyrinth and Vision Divine

  • Mastermind
    Highly respected American prog rock outfit.

  • Lars Eric Mattsson
    Legendary Finish guitarist - prog/neo-classical

  • MCM
    Alex Masi, Randy Coven and John Macaluso push the power trio concept to the limit

  • Joe McGurk
    Guitarist of the prog metal band Opposing Motion
  • Hubi Meisel
    Ex Dreamscape vocalist delivers bold concept albums with a first class band ensemble.

  • Metal Majesty
    Valensia Clarkson's new band - Queen meets Whitesnake

  • Mind's Eye
    Swedish prog rock / metal band from Daniel Flores, Johan Niemann and Andreas Novak.

  • MindSplit
    Highly accomplished and original prog metal band

  • Missa Mercuria
    A progressive metal rock opera from members of Pink Cream 69, Silent Force and Vanden Plas.

  • Missing Tide
    Metal act feat ex members of Royal Hunt. Evil Masquerade and Pretty Maids.

  • Mister Kite
    Swedish progressive melodic metal act

  • Mistheria
    #1 keyboardist in the neo-classical genre.

  • Miosis
    Dark Prog rock ala Tool

  • Borislav Mitic
    The Canadian metal shredder returns!

  • Moonlight Comedy
    Italian Prog Metal

  • The Moor
    Stylish proto prog band similar to Opeth.

  • Rolf Munkes
    Empire / Vanize guitarist

  • Mystery Bloom
    US melodic hard rock 


  • Nightscape
    Power Metal from Sweden
  • No Gravity
    Progressive power metal from Simone Fiorletta with a cast of first rate vocalists.

  • Ohm
    Chris Poland's Fusion Band
  • Opposing Motion
    Progressive metallers with a powerful sound.

  • Operose
    Symphonic Metal with Opertic Vocals
  • Orion Riders
    Italian symphonic power metal
  • OTR
    Classic rock from John Lawton (Uriah Heep) and Jan Dumee (Focus).
  • Overdrive
    Swedish trad metal masters return!

  • Palace Terrace
    Progressive Neo-Classical metal from George Bellas
  • Daniel Palmqvist
    Super melodic Swedish guitarist with great technique and touch.
  • Pangea
    Danish melodic hard rockers with a hint of Kings X to their sound, great vocal melodies.
  • Milan Polak
    Supremely gifted guitarist and singer songwriter
  • Chris Poland
    One of the most original guitarists in metal.
  • Project Alcazar
    Instrumental neo-classical with Chris Sterberl


The Rock Alchemist
italian progressive Rock


Blues based rcck act feat Lars Eric Mattsson

  • Reign Of Terror
    Neo Classical metal from Joe Stump and Mike Vescera
  • Resistance
    US Power Metal with Thrash influences
  • Alberto Rigoni
    Virtuoso Italian bassist, and member of Twinspirits
  • Jose Del Rio
    Over the top neo-classical - fret melting speed

  • Valensia
    Valensia Clarkson returns
  • Varras
    Greek Neoclassical band feat. Costss Varras
  • Vendetta
    UK's hottest new trad metal band fear Ed Box
  • Venturia
    French prog metallers with massive sound
  • Elias Viljanen
    Sonata Artica lead guitarists solo work
  • Virtual Mind
    Technical progressive metal with groove elements from Francesco Fareri and Tita Tanni.
  • Virus
    German modern metal exponents
  • Lars Eric Mattsson's Vision
    Melodic Hard Rock from Lars Eric Mattsson
  • VII Gates
    Trad Power Metal from Sweden, raise your devil horns!

  • Xanima
    Rock electronica with symphonic touches

  • Zeelion
    Scandie Rock with a hint of neo-classical
  • Zello
    Swedish prog in the vein of Kansas