01. Time's Up.
02. Hold Your Fire.
03. Right Between The Eyes.
04. Blindfold.
05. Little By Little.
06. Shot.
07. Don't Let Go.
08. House Of Love.
09. TNT.
10. 2 AM.
11. It's Too Late.

Torben Lysholm - Vocal and Guitar.
Jan Engstrøm - Bass.
Tony Olsen - Drums and Percussion.

Backing vocals - Jan Eliasson, Knud Lindhart, Lene Riebau, Jan Engstrøm, Tony Olsen and Torben Lysholm.
Bass on "It's Too Late" - Christian Rajkai

Recorded at Hot Sound. Recording Studio and Tune Town.
Mixed by Torben L at Tune Town.
Mastered - PickYourPriceMastering.com
Produced by Torben L.
Co-produced by Tony Olsen.
Engineered by Torben L.
Additional engineering by Richard Jensen.


Pangea are a melodic hard rock band that should be a household name, as it stands the band are highly respected on the underground scene thanks to two albums released in the mid 1990’s.  “Retrospectacular” marks the release of the bands long thought lost third album with quite a story behind it.

Pangea, have existed as a band in its trio formation of Torben Lysholm (Vocal and Guitar), Jan Engstrøm (Bass) and Tony Olsen (Drums and Percussion) since 1991. In 1992 the band entered a production deal with a producer and studio owner and their debut album “The First” was released in Japan and Southeast Asia in '95. Once the and was ready to release their second album “Manchild” in the spring of '97 a couple of European labels found interest and both albums were released in Europe late in '97. Having high hopes for their third album the band took a big risk and made an expensive album only to discover that the economic market in Japan collapsed resulting in no label willing to pay anywhere near the asking license price.

This however turned into a crisis for the band on a larger scale with the studio where the album was being recorded suddenly closed down. Only drums, percussion and vocals were saved from revivable backups, the rest was gone. The band went through several phases of “what do we do now?” which ultimately resulted in Torben Lysholm leaving the band in 2004 going on to produce and mix for acts such as Acacia Avenue, Section A etc. Jan and Tony auditioned several musicians to replace Torben but no replacement was found and the band finally called it quits in 2008. However, the trio regrouped a little while later and decided to finally finish their third album and see where it takes them.

Torben Lysholm comments, “We decided to redo the whole thing and oddly it was not too difficult. We had worked so much on the previous production of it that it was all still in our backbones even all these years later. We've changed stuff here and there which appeared to need it after reviewing the album ourselves for several years. Lyrically I teamed up with Martie Kolbl. I heard some stuff she had written and I really liked her style of writing. Odd twists and stuff I'd never come up with myself. She wrote the lyrics for 5 songs and I am happy that she's finally going to see the fruit of her labour after all this time”.

“Retrospectacular” is classic Pangea, led by the punchy and expressive guitar work and vocals of Lysholm, the band peddle a similar vein of rock to early Extreme with the guitar skill to match their late 80’s/early 90’s contemporaries. The album will also please fans of the bands first two releases as the classic Pangea sound is continued here in fine style.

It may have taken over a decade to be finished but “Retrospectacular” finally sees release on May 21st 2010 on Lion Music.

• Long lost third album finally sees release.
• Strong melodic hard rock release with the excellent vocal melodies and guitar work.
• Reviews in all leading rock/metal printed/electronic media.
• Pangea are available for interview, and for radio station ID’s. Please send your requests to promo@lionmusic.com