As a tribute to Russian Opposition leader and hero Alexej Navalnyj Lars felt he had to write this song which can also be seen as a tribute to fallen heroes everywhere who have died defending our freedom.

At the same time Lars wishes to stress his disgust towards both Putin and those western leaders who don’t strongly oppose him. They are the exact opposite of the heroes this song is a tribute to.

Sonically the song is built around a string arrangement with cellos in the forefront but also enhanced by brass and woodwinds so it is a bit of a different soundscape compared to most of Lars' other music. But as you know he has never been afraid of broadening his horizons. 

Production and recording credits:

Lars Eric Mattsson - Guitars, bass, keyboards and all vocals. 

Andy Falconetti- Drums

All orchestral arrangement made by
Lars Eric Mattsson

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Lars Eric Mattsson