A&MORE is the solo project of Jo Amore, & his brother David, this is the result of 40 years of career with different bands, as rock & heavy singer.
 Most maybe familiar with his work with Nightmare, during 35 years, Jo also has a plethora of other acts to pay attention to: Now Or Never, Öblivïon, Temple, and currently as the lead vocals for Joe Stump fronted hard rock band Tower Of Babel, and Kingcrown powermetal from France, among others.
 Jo recorded many albums, live albums, DVD, and played many festivals, 70T Of Metal, Hellfest, Wacken...and many more, toured all around the world, also supporting bands as Sabaton, After Forever, Blind Guardian and more!
 Jo comes now with his first solo effort, titled "Legacy", with his brother David on drums, guest musicians like Vincent Agar & Fabrice Lacourt involved with their magnificent guitars.
 Jo is considered one of the best singers of his generation in France and in Europe.
 Often compared to one of these masters, Ronnie James Dio, because of the tone of his voice, but Jo likes to mention some of these other influences such as Russell Allen or even Jorn Lande. Jo Amore is now writing his own "Legacy" with his solo debut album