Mike Terrana

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Shadows of the Past(CD)



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Drummer extraordinarie for rage, Axel Rudi Pell, Yngwie Malmsteen, Tony MacAlpine...Jamming with Steve Lukather and Kevin Chown.

Taboo Voodoo

Mike Terrana – “Man of the World”

A melting pot of music creativity drummer extraordinaire Mike Terrana delivers an eclectic follow up to his previous release Shadows of the Past. Man of the World jumps right in where Shadows of the Past left off and is a mix of catchy melodies and energized drumming. The CD showcases a variety of musical styles that range from progressive rock, funk, fusion and eclectic jazz. Mike comes from a well breed pedigree of musical experiences having recorded with the likes of Yngwie Malmsteen, Axel Rudi Pell, Tony Macalpine, Artension and Rage. Terrana is really in a league of his own on this his second solo release infusing every track with his signature rhythmic syncopations.

Man of the World is an adventurous release that carries forward an important voice for drummer’s world wide. Always one to approach composition from an out-side-the-box point of view, Terrana attempts to draw the listener in with great compositions that are accessible yet techniquely challenging. He is a master technician who tries to incorporate his passion for interesting rhythmic textures into every composition he creates. Emotional integrity ooze from Terrana like he was a well of endless musical ideas. Terrana delves deep into his amazing bag of drumming tricks and comes up with some very convincing performances throughout all 11 tracks.

This is extremely mature music played flawlessly with spirit and conviction. Heavily influenced by big band and fusion era drummers, Imagine the best elements of Buddy Rich combined with Lenny White you start to get the picture of what you are in for. His timing, emotional delivery and high virtuosity are impeccable combining to make all of the tracks on “Man of the World” a truly enjoyable ride. Accompanying Mike on this release are virtuoso musicians Cyril Achard, Rick Graton, Kevin Chow and Ferdy Doernberg. All musicians deliver stellar performances that help to make Man of the World a true masterpiece.

Mike Terrana is a creative sprit who has taped into his god given talents delivering a very diverse, emotionally charged offering that combines a wide and eclectic mix of musical styles. Anyone who enjoys progressive fusion combined with melodic sensibilities and brilliant drum work will really like this release.

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MIKE TERRANA - Shadows of the Past
Format: CD
Country of Origin: USA
Record Label: Lion Music
Catalogue #: LMC 2002 2
Year of Release: 2002
Rating: 10/10

I was pleasantly surprised when I first heard Mike Terrana's album "Shadows
of the Past". Although I think Lion Music is a great label, I was thrilled
to hear that they have released an album with a big doze of jazz-rock and
fusion, a genre that I love. Lion Music is mainly known for releasing
guitar-based hard rock and heavy metal.
Mike Terrana has played with a lot of skilled musicians, for example Gamma
Ray, Roland Grapow (Helloween), Tony MacAlpine, Yngwie Malmsteen and Axel
Rudi Pell. With these bands and artists in mind it's hard to imagine Mike's
choice of music style. The guitar wizard Steve Lukather (Toto) is playing
guitar on many of the songs, and this is a quality mark in itself.

This album is amazing and probably the best release so far from Lion Music.
Let's hope that we will get more releases like these from this label.

Date: 2002-06-03
Reviewer: Greger Rönnqvist

Terrana, Mike - Man Of The World (9/10) - USA - 2005

Genre: Instrumental
Label: Lion Music
Playing time: 57:55
Band homepage: Terrana, Mike


  1. The Omen
  2. Native Tongue
  3. Easy Does It
  4. Revenge Of The Cachaca
  5. Spin Drifter
  6. Sonata #9 Pathetique-Beethoven
  7. One For the Road
  8. Five Alive
  9. Jungle Alley
  10. Sorcery
  11. Drum Solo-Tokyo Japan 2002
Terrana, Mike - Man Of The World 

MIKE TERRANA is no stranger to the world of Metal drummers. He has been in countless bands and released numerous albums as well as instrumental and he has released another solo instrumental record that spans various genres. "The Omen" is pretty laid back, but filled with tight and semi-technical bashing with a hint of jazz tossed in.


"Native Tongue" has a bit more Metal tossed in here thanks to the guitar solos, but it travels all over the place which is always a good thing. "Easy Does It" ventures off into the world of New Age Jazz which shows Mike that he is one than a one dimensional drummer. It's smooth and could have potential to be played on the radio. The solos that everyone gets to do on here are simply fantastic. There's a little flavor to "Revenge Of The Cachaca" due to the percussions and Latin rhythms. You will hear Mike go off on "Spin Drifter" and boy does he sound pissed. The music is still laid back and not aggressive as his drumming is heard here. The disc wraps up with an 11 minute drum solo from Tokyo.


This is a very diverse album with no two songs alike. Fellow brother musicians Victor Smolski and Kevin Chown lend their talents to this unbelievable CD. If you are a true aficionado of drums or world music, then you must own this. This is a pleasure to listen to from beginning to end. (Online November 20, 2005)

Artist: Mike Terrana CD Title: Man of the World Label: Lion Music Release Date: Out Now

Comments: Mix salsa with metal, classic big band, swing, Frank Sinatra, blues, jazz, meringue, reggae, and endless master drumming and you get a funky, wonderfully unique rock album. Mike Terrana, arguably the best drummer of this past 20 years, debuts with his idea of great music in an 11-song instrumental jam session!

There are so many tantalizing twists and stylistic turns that you have no idea where you’re going, but when the train finally stops, you realize that you sure enjoyed the ride. Terrana, having played with two of the best classically trained guitarists of all time, shredders Victor Smolski (Rage) and Yngvie Malmsteen, surely knows a little something about musical composition, and it shows throughout. On this venture, he is joined by Smolski and French guitarist Cyril Achard as well as by bass virtuoso Kevin Chown. On Man of the World, Chown’s influence is huge as he laces every track with a deeply emotional bass line. The best track is the first one, “The Omen,” which signals to all who dare proceed, the wild eclectic ride that follows.

In the final track, the live “Drum Solo,” Terrana not only displays his masterpiece drum solo, but he also plays around singing a little Sinatra, and it truly makes the Tokyo crowd eat out of the palm of his hands. Much of this CD is such beautiful jamming with so many influences thrown in that you feel as if you’re at a wine tasting in an elite Napa Valley winery and guessing flavors and influences that may be in the original recipe. The bottom line is, it’s refreshingly unique, so go buy it!

Line-up: Kevin Chown-Bass, Mike Terrana-Drums, vocals, Cyril Achard-Guitars, Victor Smolski-Guitars, keyboards

Track Listing: 1.The Omen 2. Native Tongue 3. Easy Does It 4. Revenge of the Cachaca 5. Spin Drifter 6. Sonata # 9 Pathetique/Beethoven 7. One for the Road 8. Five Alive 9. Jungle Alley 10. Sorcery 11. Drum Solo Tokyo-Japan 2002

Rating: 8.5/10
Reviewer: Matthew Hoffman


Terrana, Mike: Man of the World

Perhaps the best thing you can say about Man of the World, the second solo instrumental album from metal drummer extraordinaire Mike Terrana, is that it doesn’t sound like a solo instrumental album from a metal drummer. And I mean that with the utmost respect. Here is a guy, an American musician living in Germany (hence the album’s title?), who has toiled in undeserved obscurity while gigging with the likes of Axel Rudi Pell, Tony MacAlpine, Artension and most recently Rage and Zillion – and he has put out an album that’s a veritable melting pot of musical styles that doesn’t overemphasize the beat.

Sure, “Easy Does It” boasts intricate percussion techniques and “Spin Drifter” sounds like rolling thunder, and every song certainly has a dominant groove. But all of Terrana’s playing is accented by stunningly melodic and crisp accompaniment from guitarists Victor Smolski (Rage) and Cyril Achard (Taboo Voodoo), plus bassist Kevin Chown (Magnitude 9, Artension, MacAlpine). “Revenge of the Cachaca” even delights with piano and horns to give the song a sing-songy Latin vibe, “Sonata #9 Pathetique/Beethoven” features only a piano, and “One for the Road” borders on jazz fusion.

But don’t let these songs fool you: Terrana is monstrous drummer. I’ve been to a Rage gig, and the drum solo (and charming wit) that poured forth from this man made Mike Portnoy and Neal Peart look tame. For proof, just listen to the 11-minute drum solo finale on Man of the World, which was recorded live with Rage in Japan in 2002. If you don’t already own some of the albums on which Terrana plays, get them. And pick up this one while you’re at it.


Track Listing:
1) The Omen
2) Native Tongue
3) Easy Does It
4) Revenge of the Cachaca
5) Spin Drifter
6) Sonata #9/Pathetique
7) One for the Road
8) Five Alive
9) Jungle Alley
10) Sorcery
11) Drum Solo

Added: February 20th 2005
Reviewer: Michael Popke www.seaoftranquility.org 
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Mike Terrana: Shadows Of The Past

Mike Terrana
Shadows Of the Past
Release Date:
Lion MusicRecords

ShadowsSm.jpg (13200 bytes)


Track List:
1. Pleasure Cube
2. Anteres
3. Samantha
4. Press One For English
5. More Coffee
6. Shadows Of The Past
7. Rio
8. Internal Affair
9. Communion

"Shadows Of The Past"

Prior to hearing this CD, my only experience of Mike's drummer came when I heard him drumming with Yngwie about 10 years ago. I had also heard he had recorded with Tony MacAlpine, so with this in mind, I half-expected to get kicked in the crotch with a double bass attack right out of the gate.. Instead, the first tune jumps in with a slick fusion groove that sets the pace for this fine album, full of easy-to-listen arrangements of
memorable themes. I'd say this is as nice as electric jazz can get without making you cringe, unlike some of the ultra-fluffy coif-jazz that G.R.P. was churning out in the early 90's.

Mike's drums are high in the mix (the way it should be), spotlighting his diversity and tastefulness, mixing jazz, rock and Latin grooves punctuated by crafty fills. Some of the highlights are "Pleasure Cube", featuring Steve Lukather on guitar. This song has a great bass line driven by Mike's slick drums that remind me of Dave Weckl. "Samantha" starts off with a friendly time shuffle that gets taken over by an emotional guitar solo by George Burnhart. My favorite track, "Press One For English", gives bass player Kevin Chown (who also co-produced and co-wrote) a chance to shine with some cool riffing. Kevin's playing is great throughout the album. The caffeine frenzy expressing "More Coffee" purges forth the nad-pummeling double bass crush I expected from the start, showing off great speed, control and thoughtfulness, reminiscent of some of the high-concept drumming you might see at clinics from the likes of Terry Bozzio or Mike

This album also features an 11-minute drum solo. Mike and co producer Kevin Chown astutely placed this track at the end of the disc knowing that drum solos are not for everybody.

All in all, I feel that "Shadows Of The Past" is a very good recording with too many positive elements to mention, and too few negatives to bother. You can form your own opinion when you give it a listen. Which is what I recommend you do.

Reviewer: Jeff Laramee

Mike Terrana- "Shadows of the Past" (2002 Lion Music)

Talk about one busy guy! I remember Mike playing on Malmsteen's "Seventh Sign" and doing quite a bit of work with guitar great, Tony MacAlpine. There's
more to the story! Short stints in the 80's with Kuni (Jeff Scott Soto) and Beau Nasty and filling in on tour with German bands, Gamma Ray and Rage as well as
helping out Axel Rudi Pell and doing a solo record wih Helloween's Roland Grapow. Of course seeing a solo effort by him I automatically assumed it was going
to be heavy...NOT! But actually, it's not disappointing and I understand Mike wanting to "go against the grain" for once but funny enough, this sounds like a guitar
version of Niacin to be honest. The cast on this CD includes Steve Lukather (Toto) and Kevin Chown mainly (known for Edwin Dare with Jeff Kollman. The
only differences are the soprano sax from time to time and some tunes actually rock compared to the non-guitar Niacin. Mike uses alot of different percussion as
well and does some really cool things in songs like "More Coffee" and the title track. The finale is a 11½ minute drum solo recorded live back in '98 in
Holland,"Communion" and unbelievable. By far a different type of listen but not boring but definately for serious and "non-trendy" musicheads.

©2002 Wretched Productions/Quintessence Metal Webzine



Mike Terrana – “Shadows of the Past”

The name Mike Terrana makes one automatically think – killer drums, heavy rock and roll! Remember YJM’s “The Seventh Sign”, Axel Rudi Pell’s “The Masquerade Ball” or one of my personal all time favourites, Tony Macalpine’s “Evolution”. Terrana is easily one of the greatest rock / fusion drummers of all time. Mike has had a stellar career full of notable highlights that stretch back to the very early 80’s.  Terrana strikes out on his own with “Shadows of the Past”, his new nine song solo effort that is just to cool!! Mike covers some lofty ground on this release showcasing songs that run the gamut of Fusion to Jazz Rock.

Every track contains some very ambitious drumming not to mention complex rhythmic arrangements.

Tracks like “Shadows of the Past” and “Rio” cook along with a refreshing Jazz vibe. Mike interacts perfectly with his fellow musicians on these tracks providing a solid back beat that allows for some really first rate improvisation.

 Mike pulls out all the stops and really lets his drumming do the talking on the final track of the CD titled “Communion” An unaccompanied tour-de-force of over the top drumming that was recorded live back in 1998. Communion provides the perfect conclusion to this adventurous musical statement.

Terrana is an all around musician with a high degree of finely tuned skills. A musicians, musician with compositional savvy and drumming chops to die for. Shadows of the Past is a first rate solo effort – Kudos to Mike Terrana for stepping outside the box and producing one highly enjoyable listening experience.

Guitar Mania

Shadows of the Past
Lion Music

Having experienced high-profile outings with Kuni, Yngwie Malmsteen, Tony MacAlpine and obscure AOR act Beau Nasty amongst other artists, seasoned drummer Mike Terrana finally arrives with his debut solo record which will please fans of progressive instrumental jazz a'la Garsed/Helmrich, Greg Howe and Shawn Lane etc. "Shadows of the Past" is a curious album which draws the listener in to it's many delights, thus the album, after numerous spins captures an artist enjoying and experimenting with his music, which becomes such an incredible joy to hear. I've lived with the album now for a number of weeks and there seems to be no ego's flying around on this album, and when you hear beautiful compositions like during my favourite track the subtle and inspirational 'Samantha', you realise what I mean that this album is about music and not ego factors. George Burnhart's playing on 'Samantha' is exquisite, this song would be at home on any Toto album, and with contributions from named artists like Steve Lukather (Toto), and Kevin Chown is it any wonder that the music captures images of Toto. The album really holds your attention with lots of twists and turns along the way. Terrana's playing is inspirational and often quite fascinating.
Now Mike how about a Beau Nasty reunion?
Nicky Baldrian