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Something's Cookin'(CD)



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Mike Terrana and Cyril Achard reinventing modern fusion with a hard edge


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Taboo Voodoo--Something’s Cookin'
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Remember what Granny taught you about never judging a book by its cover? Well, the same holds true for CDs. The cartoonish cover on this ten-track sojourn into gorgeous melodic fusion might throw off its share of would-be consumers, but should you stumble upon it, don’t pass it up. Guitarist Cyril Achard has supreme tone and creates soaring melodies that cut you to the quick, while bassist Ivan Rougny and drummer Mike Terrana create memorable rhythms that hold these expert compositions together.

In some ways Achard is the elusive cross between Jeff Beck and Edward Van Halen, a hybrid of European and American, not unlike Cosmosquad’s Jeff Kollman: his phrasing belongs to the old world, his chopsense to the new. Far from a one trick pony, Achard is phenomenal acoustic player, displaying the ability to transcend the cliches of that oft-misplayed instrument. Achard can make smooth even the most serrated of human instincts.

Added: December 8th 2002
Reviewer: Jedd Beaudoin
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Taboo Voodoo - Something's cookin' (Lion Music)

This is an instrumental release put together by guitarist Cyril Archard who has released a couple of solo albums in the past. "Something's Cookin'" it is one of the better instrumental albums of late because the music is catchy just like Joe Satriani's "Flying In A Blue Dream" and "Surfing With The Alien" albums. Also the record has a good production sound which is what brings these songs alive, and the guitar playing is totally superb.

Taboo Voodoo mix all styles of the rock, sometimes they sound progressive and bluesy, whilst other times they sound funky, and complexed but always rocking and very straight forward stuff. Whilst I'm listening I keep thinking at times of Dream Theatre without vocals and Steve Vai.

I enjoyed 'Vertical Obsession' the most, the song has allot of character and is played well, I liked the keyboards, you could imagine say Tony MaCalpine and Cosmosquad doing a song in this style, great stuff, pretty technical playing. Why guys in the scene can't play with more feeling like the Cyril is beyond me, he has certainly progressed over his few studio albums, he's getting more interesting with each album and add to the team one Mike Terrana and you have a pretty solid unit who will go far as each album progresses, I feel they have it in them to take this band further, the album slows down on a few songs, allowing Cyril to totally shine on 'Clandestine Soul' which give Satriani and Greg Howe are run for their money. but the slower songs are filled with melody and character, forget the likes of Shawn Lane, Archard is even better and a very skilled guitarist.

"Something's Cookin'" has it's moments and very rarely get's boring, I would like to hear vocals next time around as sometimes I kept expecting to hear them, this is great, if your a fan of guitar rock then this is well worth investigating.


Nicky Baldrian