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01. Dukes of New York.
02. Pummel U.
03. Ballvice.
04. Neo-Classical Gas.
05. 7/24/04.
06. Steve's Blackout.
07. Playing Opposum.
08. Poindexter.
09. Highway Star.
10. Mike Varney's Mexican Vacation.
11. Whichway to Radioland?
12. Verbal Skillz.
13. 2 part Invention in C major.

Sean Baker - guitars
Cmak Ashtiani - guitars
Lawrence Wilson - drums
David Donigian – Bass

Rusty Cooley - guitar on "Verbal
Bruce Bouillet - guitar on "Playing
Jos Stump - guitar on "Neo-Classical

Produced by - Sean Baker.
Co-produced by - Pete Bankert and Lawrence Wilson.
Engineered by - Pete Bankert.
Mixed by - Bruce Bouillet.
All songs written by Sean Baker except; "Poindexter" written by Cmak Ashtiani. "Playing Opposum" written by Bruce Bouillet and Sean Baker. "Two Part Invention in Cmajor" written by J.S Bach "Highway Star" written by
Blackmore, Gillan, Paice, Lord,Glover.



A Michigan native Sean Baker was an early starter on guitar some 25 years ago, and has risen to popularity amongst the shred community thanks to his self released debut “The Sean Baker Orchestra” along with numerous features in Guitar Player magazine and the legendary Mike Varney's "Spotlight” column. Now with his second album “Baker’s Dozen” set for release on June 19th 2009 on Lion Music, Sean Baker is ready to bring his brand of intense guitar to a wider audience.

“Baker’s Dozen” is home to 13 very heavy instrumental tracks with tons of melodies, and face smashing hooks. It features guest solos by Rusty Cooley (“Verbal Skillz”), Joe Stump (“Neo-Classical Gas”), and a track co-written and featuring Racer X guitarist Bruce Bouillet (“Playing Opposum”) who also added his mixing skills to the album. In addition to his undoubted shred guitar skills, Sean is an accomplished classical player as well as having the innate ability to coax the most vicious and punishing sounds out of the fiddle.

Having taught guitar for several years, Baker has a deep fundamental knowledge of music that lends a unique perspective to his compositions. While maintaining a strong musicality, Baker is also able to express the angst, aggression and deep-rooted passion that is at the essence of his sound.

On the album Sean comments, “The first CD was such a success, that I wanted to take the new CD where the first one left off, which I think we did a good job of doing that. My personal goal was to make "the loudest, most aggressive, melodic, shredding, head-banging album on the planet”. The first CD was a wide array of short songs. The new album is more complex in its writing and length of the songs themselves. I really wanted this CD to be our "Master of Puppets". I think we accomplished that”.

On his fellow band mates (Cmak Ashtiani – guitars, Lawrence Wilson – drums and David Donigian – Bass), Sean states, “My band ROCKS!! I've been playing with these guys for four years now. We're tighter then I ever could have imagined. These guys are dedicated to their craft, and it shows. They have brought everything and then some. I'm REALLY proud of the band....we've come along way. They put in everything they got into the new CD. These guys deserve all the credit they get. I'm one lucky guitarist!

With “Baker’s Dozen”, Sean Baker is not looking to change the world, or worry about current musical trends. Quite simply it’s a fun album with a shed load of virtuoso guitar work for those that can still take it raw with zero pretence but with a great attitude.

Killer guitar driven release with immense virtuoso performances.
Home to guest performances from Rusty Cooley, Joe Stump & Bruce Bouillet.
Sean Baker is available for interview and also able to make custom radio station ID’s. To arrange yours please contact