01. The Absolute
02. Secret Of Life
03. Hidden
04. Within All Existence
05. Promises
06. The Prize Of Eternity
07. For The Chosen
08. Fighter Of Glory
09. Walking The Path
10. To One Truth

All instruments played by Borislav Mitic.

All songs written by Borislav Mitic.
Engineered, mixed, & produced by Borislav Mitic.
Recorded & mastered at Borislav’s Amarok Studio.
Published by Borislav Mitic Music / BMI.
Artwork concept by Borislav Mitic.



Borislav Mitic returns with a majestic new album "The Absolute". The virtuoso Shredmaster delivers his strongest musical statement as of yet for Lion Music.

The idea behind this concept album was to take the instrumental guitar format and give it a new dimension infusing it with pure uncompromising Metal attitude but with primary focus on song quality content.

Playing wise Borislav takes the gloves off this time and brings into the musical arena a wide arsenal of dazzling guitar techniques. He unmercifully unleashes them throughout the album with blinding speed and precision while retaining a sense of melody, reason and phrasing intelligence that he is known for.

Each out of the ten songs featured on the album explores a different aspect of Metal music taking the listener on a quest toward the essential passion that lies within all true artistic effort - the perfection of creative expression.

Borislav draws inspiration from many players that walked the path of guitar greatness before him and summons these echoes of the past forging them into a stunning new styling all of his own.

"The Absolute" is an album whose mission is to shine brightly as a new rising star in a constellation of legendary classic albums of the Metal virtuoso genre.

(The everlasting search for absolute perfection within ourselves and in the world we live in)
The opening track is a fast double kick drum Neoclassical song that absolutely demonstrates what the style of Borislav Mitic is all about – classy arrangements, elegant arpeggios, lightning fast but meaningful guitar runs.

(The question that many ask but seldom find the answer)
It’s a song that is stepping into Thrash and Doom Metal territory but with melodic lead guitars and ripping wah solos.

(The things in front of our eyes that remain hidden from us – always so close yet endlessly far like Good and Evil)
A very moody track that brings out Balkan music influences in combination with crushing metal riffs. The solo takes off in a modal legato style which Borislav performs with grand mastery.

(However different and “individual” the illusion of reality around us appears to be it is made of the same matter and same energy thus – the same is in all)
This is a fast “driving” song with a catchy strong melody and brilliantly orchestrated harmony guitars. The solo section is a “question and answer” duel with Borislav handling both parts. The song ends with a blazing pentatonic style solo.

(Penitent, passionate or profound… Easy to make and easy to break)
The song kicks off with brutal downtuned riffs followed with delicately structured arpeggiated melody. The solos on this track are possibly the wildest on the whole album.

(Everyone is motivated by a hope of a prize of some kind in this lifetime… The deities of all faiths seem to promise it all the time but which one can deliver? The decision is yours to make)
An 80’s LA style riff opens the track full of rock antics. The solo takes off in a bluesy way and then enters into some two hand tapping bravado.

(Humanity has always relied on the “chosen ones” to lead the way. But who chooses these people? Do they choose themselves or is it destiny? If you are one of them you will know the answer…)
The seventh track brings forth Middle Eastern influences mixed up with Neoclassical styling and heavy riffs. The solo is full of Borislav’s trademark signature hot licks.

(Glory is what many of us fight for. This is also the meaning of my first name in some Slavic languages)
A fast energetic rocker song with almost a Flamenco vibe to it. The melody and harmony guitars are made to emphasize the architecture of the chord progression. Solo section is a non stop rollercoaster ride.

(We must always choose a path that we follow be it the right one or the wrong one)
This is a slower tempo Neoclassical song. It has some heavy riffing leading into a melancholy emotional melody which transforms into beautifully arranged arpeggio section.

(Wine is strong a king is stronger, women are stronger still, but the truth conquers all)
The closing track is a classic “true Metal” type of song. It is also the only one on the album to include some acoustic rhythm guitar work. The melody is simple but the solos are burning. The ending solo is a testimony to Borislav’s ability to play “heroic” pentatonic style lead extravaganzas!

Long awaited new solo album from one of the most talked about guitarists of the early 2000's.
  Borislav is a frequent attendee and performer at music product trade shows worldwide.
  "Hidden" has already been previewed on the ESP Guitars website for a few months as a "premiere" introduction to the album.
Borislav is available for interview, please contact promo@lionmusic.com.