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I play music in all kinds of styles, the most well known style of me is prog metal, since I am the guitarist for the band Sun Caged and I used to play in the band Lemur Voice before. Besides prog metal I also like to experiment with pop music, thrash and death metal, ambient music and jazzrock/fusion styles. Lately I also picked up the classical guitar again and I am making songs which contain classical guitars only.


To make a good living out of music (which I am doing at the moment already) and play big festivals and lots of gigs. make good records (new solo releases and new stuff with Sun Caged) and to keep teaching the guitar to share my knowledge to younger students.



Guitartalk (2003)
This album I wrote throughout the years 1989 until 2002, I made several demo's throughout the years and decided to put them on my first CD, I wrote 3 more tunes and the 12 song version was released by Lion Music, this album is fully instrumental and was my very first try to make instrumental music.

Colour Journey (2006)
My second solo album I wrote throughout 2004 and 2005, some ideas came from older demo tapes I made or jams I did with other musicians, but in general this album was totally new. I decided to ask a lot of guest musicians for this record since it became a very diverse album, with lots of influences showing my ability of playing the guitar but also as a song writer. I also asked several vocalists to sing on the record, this album became half instrumental and half vocal.

A Live Time Journey (DVD, 2006)
This DVD was filmed at the CD release party of Colour Journey, January 2006. I decided to play the album Colour Journey in its entirely with almost all guest musicians who also played on the album, this added with some songs of my first solo album and a few cover songs. The whole show was filmed with 5 camera's and I decided to make a DVD from that since the shootings became really good as well as the audio recording of the show, which I mixed myself later at my house.
I also added a lot of extra features , like backstage recordings, a show I did in Thailand and a picture gallery and biography.

Sun Caged (2003)
The first Sun caged album was written throughout 1999 - 2003, most of the songs appeared also on older demo's of Sun Caged featuring a different line up at that time and different singing lines. The album was mixed by Arjen Lucassen (Star One / Ayreon) and featured the old Sun caged line up that existed until 2004.

Artemisia (2007)
The second Sun Caged album featured a new and more stable line up of the band, most songs were written from 2004 - 2006. The album showed a little different side of Sun Caged and showed that the band has grown to their fullest.

At the moment Sun Caged are mixing their third album "The Lotus Effect" which is recorded with the same line up as on "Artemisia" and will show a way more mature version of the band, since most of the songs on this album are written in the rehearsal room together as a band and it will show the chemistry we have as a group.

Other Releases:

Tribute to Jimi Hendrix:
Right after the first Sun Caged record the band recorded a version of "Freedom" for this record, it became a pretty funny and old sounding version.

Tribute to Shawn lane:
I wrote a song for this album called "Delusion", the song is a funky and groovy fusion alike track which I recorded together with Sun Caged drummer Roel Van Helden and bassplayer Rob Van Der Loo.


I recently played guitar for a project called "OSV, chapter three", an instrumental band from the USA. I also recorded a heavy version of the song "Eagle" from Abba, for a student of mine. Besides mixing the new Sun Caged record together with Rene Kroon (keyboards) I am playing as a guest guitarist for the band Channel Zero (Belgium) for a few very big shows in Belgium (Rock Werchter and Graspop Metal meeting). I am also playing in a few cover bands for fun and to make some money plus when I am done with the Sun Caged record I will be starting to work on the next Solo Release of mine.



- Bo-El MC-7 Signature Model, 7-string. Dutch Purple (DOT)
- Bo-El MC-7 Signature Model, 7-string, Black (TOL)
- Bo-El MC-6 Signature Model, Fuchsia Red (shark)
- Bo-El MC-6 Signature Model, Natural (TOL)
- Bo-El MC-6 Signature Model, The Snake, Limited Edition, Green (DOT)


- Laney VH100R Tube Head
- Laney GH50L Tube Head
- Laney GS412PA Vintage-30 Speaker Cabinet
- Laney GS412PS GT-75 Speaker Cabinet
- Laney BabelSwitch
- Rocktron Replifex Effects Processor
- Digitech EX-7
- Digitech FS3X
- Boss CS-3 Compressor/Sustainer
- Boss AC-3 Acoustic Simulator
- Morpheus DropTune
- Korg Pitch Black Pedal Tuner


- Roland FC200 Midi Footcontroller
- Planet Waves, George L and Cordial Cables
- Line 6 Relay G50 Wireless System
- Line 6 POD 2.0 (for demo recording only)
- Digitech RP50 (for teaching)
- Curt Mangan Guitar Strings
- Bo-El Guitar Picks (signature)


Look out for the new Sun Caged, to be released soon, and I hope to meet you during one of our gigs in the future !!!