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Torben Enevoldsen is Denmark's finest guitar player. On his second album Torben has developed his own melodic style and created an all time classic. Instrumental progressive neoclassical metal. Torben is the main man behind the prog metal sensation Section A.

Flying Solo (CD)



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Torben's 3rd solo album, Torben is the main man behind the prog metal sensation Section A.




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Lion Music


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Lion MusicOnce in awhile, even after being around music for several years, a little known artist and their newest release can catch one by surprise, even if it takes a listen or two. Danish shredder Torben Enevoldsen’s newest solo release, aptly entitled Flying Solo, is one such release. Torben’s latest band project is the Progressive Metal band named Section A and Flying Solo represents Torben’s third solo album, his first since 2001. No album title ever struck truer as this is indeed a "solo" effort by Torben, whose fingers do a lot of "flying" on each and every track.

Flying Solo is an instrumental powerhouse of an album, more driven by melody then pure gut-wrenching guitar pyrotechnics. This isn’t to say that Torben doesn’t burn a hole through a fret board or two. The statement is more a testament to the fact that Torben is mature enough not to get wrapped up completely himself, but to devote ample time and energy to each track’s composition.

Tracks like "1:49 A.M." and "Beyond Compare" are examples of how Torben can open and end a flurry of guitar notes with a soft-spoken melody line. Several of the tracks contain similar moments of confidence and plateaus. That which starts out as a quiet passage, can abruptly erupt into a flurry of guitar runs. Highlights include "Departure," which is a high-paced rocker in a Satriani sort of way, all without sounding at all like Joe. "Odd Measures" is another burner that has a nice, melodic guitar line, reminiscent of UFO guitarist Vinnie Moore’s earlier solo days. There’s not an awful track on this release. Some songs might indeed require a listen or two to fully appreciate them, but on subsequent spins you’ll almost feel like every song tells a story all its own.

The only complaint is the rhythm section (bass and drums), which, at times, sound somewhat mechanical, lacking in soul and come through light on the bottom end (especially tracks like "Odd Measures"). While reviewing this release, there was no information available as to other musicians that might have played on other instruments, so it is possible that a drum machine was employed. One can only imagine what this release would have sounded like with a drummer having a more bottom end and jazzier feel like Jeff Campitelli, Steve Smith, or Atma Anur.

Bottom line, fans of instrumental, melodic guitarists like Satriani, Vinnie Moore, and Anand will thoroughly enjoy this release ... especially if you’re the type that likes a little melody stirred in with their guitar shredding. While there isn’t a lot to bang your head to, there is enough to keep your air guitar cranked to 10.

Torben Eneveldsen: Guitars

Report Card:
Guitars: B
Bass: C
Drums: C
Recording Quality: B
Lyrics: N/A
Originality: B
Overall Rating: B

Release Date: May 2005

To find out more about Torben Enevoldsen, visit the label’s site at www.LionMusic.com, or Torben’s official site at www.Torbenenevoldsen.com.




Torben Enevoldsen – Flying Solo

Rating: A-
1:49 A.M. | Departure | Lobotomized | Last Call | Beyond Compare | Odd Measures | Daybreak | First Attempt | A Minor Detour | Solitude

“Flying Solo”, to be released on Lion Music May 20th, is Danish guitarist Enevoldsen’s third solo release and second on Lion since “Heavy Persuasion” was released in October 2000. Torben is clearly one of the most accomplished and mature artists on the label. His dizzying digital dexterity continues on this latest offering. Ten slices of excellent no filler instrumental guitar, several parts Satriani, some parts DiMeola / Malmsteen with several hints of Torben thrown in grace this disk. This may in fact be the disk that some die-hard Satriani fans wish he would make! Torben tears through tracks like “1:49 A.M.” and “First Attempt” with flash, flourish and alarming confidence. “Lobotomized” recalls the best and heaviest offerings of Steve Lukather, a tribute to Luke’s “Los Lobotomy’s” I am sure. There are a few softer moments particularly “A Minor Detour” a short sweet acoustic number but the pedal is firmly down on most of these barnburners. We can certainly look forward to his future projects including a second “Section A” band project “Parallel Lives” in 2005 following in the footprints of 2004’s excellent debut “The Seventh Sign” all on Lion Music. This release easily earns an A- remembering that for totally instrumental releases, A or A+ equals other worldly.

Mike Blackburn www.seaoftranquility.org


Guitar based music has always been a favorite of both mine and many other listeners of Rock and Roll, Hard Rock, Metal, Shredding, Speed or Acoustic. It’s never really mattered what type … As long as it speaks to you, and tells you what you want to hear. Most guitarists will tell you that their playing/music is just an extension of what they are feeling or trying to say. The emotion and depth of an artist that has mastered playing the guitar can be felt through every note and chord struck hoping that he has passed on to the listener those same feelings; yet those we call “masters of their craft” are humble and will always strive to learn more, bettering themselves.

Torben Enevoldsen is just one of those musicians with the release of his third instrumental project appropriately titled “Flying Solo”. Making a name for himself, Torben is fast becoming well-known to many fans of hard rock guitar music. With influences like Malmsteen, Blackmore, Iommi, and Satriani in his playing, hard rocking and power metal shredding are typical of Torben’s style.

“Flying Solo” is filled with hard hitting, bone crushing and ear splitting guitar licks. Yet with so much mind-blowing shredding comes the elegant musings of a clean and classical sounding masterpiece. Starting out with tracks like “1:49 AM” and “Odd Measures” with great rhythm changes that just get fiercer as the tempo picks up or tunes like “Daybreak” and “First Attempt” with a breezy and simple feeling and soaring guitar riffs.

Both tracks “Departure” and “Beyond Compare” have a progressive feel to them, but never stray far from speedy shredding that’s nothing short of amazing. The final two tracks on the CD, the beautifully acoustic “A Minor Detail” leads right into “Finally Home”, an aggressive but clean rock piece that some might call a perfect guitar ballad. So much great music …So little time to listen. Make the time for Torben Enevoldsen … It will be time well spent!!

Reviewed by Kathy   www.strikeupthebands.net


Torben Enevoldsen - Flying Solo (Lion Music) Review by Joe Florez www.live4metal.com

Generally, I am not a huge collector of solo artist CDs with the exception of Yngwie, Jason Becker, Marty Friedman and of course…Steve Vai. There are a couple of others as well, but I won’t tell you what my whole collection consists of. It’s apparent that this Dane has been in the scene for a while as he has released two solo records and been involved on countless tribute albums. What I didn’t know was that he put together a band that I am huge on. It’s called Section A and it features members of Vanden Plas and Derek Sherinian. Ok, enough of that and onto solo numero tres. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed at how he crafts his material. “1:49A.M.” is a melodic opener that’s paced just right. It’s not off the wall and over the top. There is a consistent beat that is soft, gentle and sophisticated and where need be Torben lets loose a little bit and shows off his fretwork skills. “Departure” has a little bit more bite, but seems to fall more in the rock category than metal and that suits me fine. With a track like “Lobotomized”, you would think of this as an aggressive tune, but this happens to be the catchiest number by far and will have you tapping your foot and playing air guitar. The one thing that makes Mr. Enevoldsen so distinctive from the other guitar virtuosos is that he is never at a loss here. He never repeats himself and is always coming up with something good for the ears. His flash and pizzazz only comes when he feels it. He doesn’t have to be all technical and fast just to impress the fans. His compositions are solid, simplistic to a degree and accessible to anyone. There is a certain charm to this CD and I am glad to have heard it. If you are/were a fan of Joe Satriani’s, then you will be pleased with the variety of styles that this youngster has to offer. One thing is for sure; I will be spinning this one many more times before I get sick of it. 
www.torbenevoldsen.com | www.lionmusic.com


Lion Music LMC 2004 2

This instrumental album is definitely a GEM. It's wonderful! If you've thought instrumentals have pretty much died out
with the 80s genre, think again. "Heavy Persuasion", as its name implies, breathes new life into the dying art. I mean not
many guitar soloists (apart from Tony Macalpine, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani - to name a few) these days release new
albums and those who do try their very best in building upon their somewhat aging foundations to win the hearts of our
current young.

I guess it's always good to listen to another new face in the scene. Though I'm not entirely sure of Torben's discography
to date (this being my first), what I do know, is that Torben has gotten everything right this time. Good production, great
playing, and lovely song-writing skills. I think the recording really impressed me, because the guitar simply sounds, for
the lack of a better word, REAL. Natural and not made artificial with the overuse of effects, it's got that nasty bite that's
absolutely delicious.

It's kinda hard to lump Torben's music into a category, granted that this album covers a wide variety of styles. Rock,
Prog, Thrash...there should be enough material to satisfy everybody I'd imagine. Sometimes it's worth asking oneself -
what makes a good instrumental? Not technicality (well, it's a good bonus to have as long as the player doesn't get too
involved), nor blindingly fast guitar solos, but rather, emotional, well-paced pieces suitable for the mood. Some songs
sound good fast, others slow - it doesn't matter as long as it sounds right and I think this is the hardest thing to
accomplish for guitar musicians. Then again, this argument is not concrete until we define what 'sounds right' and I sure
as hell do not wish to go into that - as long as you understand what I'm trying say!

In terms of comparison, I'd say Torben's music is a good mix between Vai and Satriani, with a touch of Vinnie Moore.
Yep, all three of my favourite guitar musicians are there, so you could probably understand my enthusiasm for this
release. Trust me - you won't end up kickin' your own arse with this one. It's a winner.

Instrumental Chart Rating: 9.0

Review by Jason Goh


TORBEN ENEVOLDSEN: Heavy Persuasion         Label: Lion Music

On his second full length effort, Heavy Persuasion, guitarist Torben  Enevoldsen embraces a more progressive metal sound than Guitarissmo. With
great production and all the instruments evenly distributed in the mix,   prog-metallers and instrumental guitar fans are going to love this. From the
more technical/progressive Satriani grind of "Desert Groove" to the   neo-classical metal-flavored "Temple Of Hope", good musicianship and strong
melodies are far and wide. Experimenting with rhythm and heavily-insfluenced  Dream Theater instrumentation, the incredible "Spacewalk" is one of the types  of songs on Heavy Persuasion that sets it apart from a lot of other guitar  instrumental discs. Another excellent tune is the the title track, a monster
of a cut with a crushing main riff and technical precision. The groove-laden   "About Time" is probably one of the borderline tracks that are undoubtedly
progressive, but have a hard rock sense of melody and plenty of  well-placed   shredding. The rest of the tracks here are of the same quality and establish
their own mood with ease.

-Chris Jamele


Artist: Torben Enevoldsen

Title: Heavy Persuasion

Genre: Instrumental Progressive Metal


Did I hear somebody say that name again? Joe Satriani? I seem to always reference him when I hear some of the instrumental music that comes out, but I have no choice. There are so many guitarists that have emulated his sound and style. Well here is another one to add to the list. This is not a bad thing… I love it actually. Instrumental rock guitar kicks ass! Dutch born Torben Enevoldsen’s latest release "Heavy Persuasion" is chock full if rapid-fire guitar licks with a hard and sharp edge, just like a glistening hunting knife in the sun, it cuts and slashes away at you until you submit to its power over you.

The lead track "Heavy Persuasion" sets the tone for the entire album. This guy doesn’t just rip and tear his way through a song; he "plays" with fire and passion, and in so doing commands the guitar to make engaging sounds. The first track is hard to top, but Eneveldsen holds steady all the way through and turns in a stand out performance of virtuosity and creative imagery. "Desert Groove" keeps you in the mood and holds you transfixed to the sounds, and every one after that will keep you interested as well. There are successive rockin’ tracks of ear candy at your disposal on this CD.

This man roars like a lion and makes his instrument purr like a cat. The balance, focus and energy that he maintains are simply incredible. The attributes of his personality and the control he demands of his artistry are the very ebb and flow of the musical tide.

There is not a dud on this album, it rocks straight on through and doesn’t give you a break, believe me you won’t want one, you will want more and more of what this guy dishes out. It will be interesting to see how he develops. I am sure the comparisons to other artists by the name of Joe will disappear in time. Real talent stands on its own merit. It takes only six strings made of metal, some electricity, and one man can do some amazing things. Keep a watchful eye on this one.

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

August 18, 2001

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Torben Enevoldsen - Guitarisma

A few notes
Torben Enevoldsen is another guitar virtuoso signed to Finland's Lion Music. Torben reminds me a lot of the mighty Satriani with a lot of spit and vinegar added in. His sound is very reminiscent of Satch in a lot of ways. Torben will start off some of his music in slower tempo and then kick it in and give you a good jolt. You also get some vocal tracks as well.

The Tracks
When it comes to the songwriting, Torben is fairly straight forward with his hard driving instrumentals like 'Just in case'. Discipline is definitely in his playing style. 'For a friend' gives us a very much like Satriani sound. Reminds me of something you would hear on 'The Extremist'. Very upbeat and positive sounding. How about some vocals?? 'Time ran out' features Kenny Lubcke handling the chores. 'Take your pick' not only is more aggressive but is groove-laden as well. 'Calm waters' is a very nice relaxing track as the title might suggest. If you need a bit of the funky stuff mixed in with your guitar grit, 'What if ...?' is gonna get he job done. I think that track is one of the best and fun tunes here. On the album is also a bonus track called 'Zantac'. This track has a cool vibe flowing through it. Very smooth.

'Guitarisma' is one of my favorite Lion Music titles. I am a big Satriani fan and I can see the similarities throughout the album. Torben has enough of his own thing going on to keep his own identity. The guitar sound is remarkably close as well. Torben adds a bunch of flash to it and a little bang. If you enjoy more technical oriented albums that showcase the finer side of playing instruments, this one is a lot of fun!

review by Dave Palmer Heavy Metal Resource


Guitarisma.jpg (14527 bytes)

Torben Enevoldsen - Guitarisma

The debut album from one of my fave new guitar players!! Torben Enevoldsen's debut finally gets a full European release thanks to Lion Music. "Guitarisma" contains 13 tracks of all instrumental rock. Just hearing the licks, and the experimental styles and the surge of power chords, pleases the listener right away and delivers what fans of guitar music want to hear. Why nobody picked up on this album first time around is ironic as it is very very well arranged, performed and produced.

Torben just has a knack for making his songs ring around your head for days on end and the songs just sink in from the first time you hear the chords of 'Just In Case', the infectious Reb Beach meets Michael Lee Firkins 'Brand New World', the furious 'Take Your Pick', the fusion edged 'Dream Come True' with it's Dream Theater style drum pounding, the experimental 'What If...?', through to calmer delicate pieces such as 'Calm Waters', 'Zantac' or the Neal Schon inspired 'For A Friend'.

 "Guitarisma" has something for every fan of this genre so make sure you buy this album - an essential release.


Nicky Baldrian

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Torben Enevoldsen : Heavy Persuasion

Lion Music / 10 songs

This is the second album of Danish guitarist Torben Enevoldsen .His debut album ‘Guitarisma’ was released in 1998 and it was very well received by the international music press . He now released his new album through Lion Music and it contains ten instrumental rock songs who sound very exciting and catchy . Some instrumental cd´s begin to bore after a couple of songs , but Torben Enevoldsen plays very diverse songs , ranging from neo-classical to progressive to melodic . His technique is almost perfect but he can also write real songs . I cannot name a personal favourite , because I like all the songs very much . Fans of instrumental rock influenced by Eddy Van Halen , Yngwie Malmsteen and Joe Satriani will love this album .

Website : www.lionmusic.co

Rating : 80 %

Review by Ronny Elst


Heavyp.jpg (27568 bytes)

Review by www.rock-area.de
artist: Torben Enevoldsen
album: Heavy Peruasion
label: Lion Music/Paenng
style: Guitar Hero Metal
release date: October 3rd, 2000

2nd album from the Danish guitar wizard, Top notch songwriting, great production and hot playing. This is definitely something for every fan of the heavier side of Satriani and Vai with a dash of Neoclassical.  Since the release of his first album "Guitarisma" Mr. Enevoldsen has become more mature in the songwriting department leaving out the vocals, focusing on writing more.
Featuring a brand new line-up consisting of Ex. Bad Monday bassist Flemming Hansen and Ex. Merzy drummer Mickey Hurricane laying down a solid foundation for the maestro himself especially Mickey's powerful drumming gives the band a stronghold on which to built on.

The whole album is more riff orientated than the debut spurring some brutal thrash riffing in places its' almost like they were going for a Prog metal feel, still Neoclassical tendencies shows up in "Temple Of Hope" and "Off Limits"(This song is very diverse with some Dream Theater like riffs and Torben shreds fiercely), "Desert Groove" quickly turned out to be one of my fave tracks very much Metal in feel and with some fine guitar work from Torben and the nice Satriani like piece "Spacewalk" which has some classical metal riffing in-between. Finally the winner "Heads up" with its Awesome riffs and some both beautiful an brutal solo pieces. This album is a definite winner in my book even if I could use a singer in the band! 

Review by Torben Askholm

tracklist: 1. Heavy Persuasion, 2. Desert Groove, 3. Cloud Nine, 4. Another Page, 5. Go Figure, 6. Temple Of Hope, 7. Spacewalk, 8. Heads Up, 9. About Time, 10. Off Limits

line-up: Torben Enevoldsen - Guitars and additional drum programming´(track 7 & 9); Flemming Hansen - Bass; Mickey Hurricane - drums

country of origin: Denmark

this CD is available at Lion Music Now www.lionmusic.com

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Torben Enevoldsen "Heavy Persuasion" (Lion Music)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton for Rough Edge

Hard rock instrumental guitar albums used to be a rare thing. Sure, you'd see them now and again but - for the most part - they were usually difficult to find. Now, they seem to be everywhere, especially with shredders like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and Gary Hoey enjoying such popularity.

Unfortunately, most of the lesser-known self-proclaimed guitar wizards can't support an entire instrumental album. Their CDs may feature a track or two that grabs your attention but - for the most part - you keep wanting to reach for that "next track" button.

Happily, such is not the case with the music of Torben Enevoldsen. What sets Enevoldsen apart from the rest of the "riff-raff" (get it? riff raff?) is that Enevoldsen knows that shredding alone is not enough. Enevoldsen pays close attention to each track's structure and pace; its overall tone and atmosphere. Enevoldsen knows that each track must stand on its own (especially with the absence of vocals) and he succeeds beautifully.

"Heavy Persuasion" begins with the title track, a mid-tempo number with a chunky, rhythmic bassline that enhances Enevoldsen's six-string derring-do over it. Track two, "Desert Groove" speeds things up a little, offering a Megadeth-like riff and a Satriani-style lead that defines the track's title. "Cloud Nine" is up next, and it's a moody little number that features razor-sharp guitar throughout. "Another Page" follows and is, so far, the mellowest title on the CD, again bringing to
mind the work of Satriani.

Track 5, "Go Figure," is another brilliant blending of sharp leads and solid riffs. "Temple of Hope" follows and is reminiscent of Yngwie Malmsteen though without the endless and obvious patterns. "Temple of Hope" also branches out considerably whereas Malmsteen's work tends not to. "Spacewalk" is just what you might expect from the title: a somewhat spacey little number that you might expect to hear in the background of the next "Heavy Metal" movie.

"Heads Up" is track #8 and its powerful riff backed by somewhat gentler lead work makes for an interesting change of pace. "About Time" is next. This track is a mild one, again very reminiscent of Satriani. "Off Limits" closes the CD in decidedly strong fashion. Amidst soaring and throbbing guitars, clips of what sound like newscasts regarding police brutality are intermixed. Interesting stuff, indeed.

Fans of the likes of Satriani and Vai will no doubt find the work of Torben Enevoldsen more than listenable - they'll probably find themselves another guitarist to add to their favorites list. Fans of instrumental rock will also thoroughly enjoy "Heavy Persuasion." If you haven't heard much of this type of music, this isn't a bad place to start.

Playing on "Heavy Persuasion" are: Torben Enevoldsen (who also produced) - guitars; drum programming (on "Spacewalk" and "About Time"; Flemming Hansen - bass; Mickey Hurricane - drums and castanets on "Cloud Nine"; Thomas Kruse provided the cowbell for "Go Figure."

For more information, please visit www.torbenenevoldsen.com   or www.lionmusic.com.


By Brian Coles www.electricbasement.com :

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TORBEN ENEVOLDSEN - Heavy Persuasion

Danish guitar whiz Torben Enevoldsen unleashes his follow up to 1998's Guitarisma, a well received debut throughout parts of Europe. His second effort, assisted by Flemming Hansen on bass and Mickey Hurricane on drums, is aptly titled Heavy Persuasion.  It combines the elements of chugging power chords and playful musings like a melody machine. The album explodes out of the gate with the title track, which wiggles up to the listener, then darts about in turbo mode just as things appear to settle.  Somehwere between Yngwie's technical proficiency and Satriani's fluidness, Torben presents a series of adrenalizing rockers with effortless changes and timely intricacies. Thing's slow for "Another Page", a dreamy number that may just be the most impressive piece on the disc. Dashing and stalling, then cutting left and right underneath a plodding undercurrent of percussion. Masterful indeed. "Temple of Hope" has a similar elegant rush to Blackmore's ultra medieval version of "Still I'm Sad".  "Space Walk" yanks us out of the past and flings us in a future chock full of good vibes and feisty riffs.

If there is a drawback, it would be that Torben would probably sound more amazing with the right vocalist and a healthy spread of keyboards. However, instrumental fans will be impressed with the way the music moves. It's hard to believe anyone couldn't be.
3.5/5 Bolts -Brian Coles


Rasputin Music/Manifesto Magazine
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TORBEN ENEVOLDSEN: Heavy Persuasion        Label: Lion Music

On his second full length effort, Heavy Persuasion, guitarist Torben  Enevoldsen embraces a more progressive metal sound than Guitarissmo. With   great production and all the instruments evenly distributed in the mix,   prog-metallers and instrumental guitar fans are going to love this. From the   more technical/progressive Satriani grind of "Desert Groove" to the   neo-classical metal-flavored "Temple Of Hope", good musicianship and strong  melodies are far and wide. Experimenting with rhythm and heavily-insfluenced   Dream Theater instrumentation, the incredible "Spacewalk" is one of the types  of songs on Heavy Persuasion that sets it apart from a lot of other guitar   instrumental discs. Another excellent tune is the the title track, a monster   of a cut with a crushing main riff and technical precision. The groove-laden   "About Time" is probably one of the borderline tracks that are undoubtedly  progressive, but have a hard rock sense of melody and plenty of  well-placed  shredding. The rest of the tracks here are of the same quality and establish  their own mood with ease.
-Chris Jamele


Guitarisma.jpg (14527 bytes)

Torben Enevoldsen : Guitarisma

13 songs / 59 minutes

(Lion Music)

Denmark’s Torben Enevoldsen started playing the guitar in the early 80’s. First influenced by all time greats as Iommi, Blackmore and Van Halen, he later also got influenced by Malmsteen and other contemporary shredders. After practising a lot and playing gigs with bands in Denmark, he got more experienced and started also composing his own hard rock instrumentals.

Together with his friend Torben Lysholm, the first tracks were recorded and the demo-cd "Just in Case" was a fact. With the help from some other guys, some time later nine other tracks were recorded. The result of these sessions is the "Guitarisma" cd, 12 tracks of which 2 of them are with vocals from Kenny Lübcke. Excellent instrumental rock songs, with also some progressive and neo-classical influences. Main influences come from Joe Satriani and Jan Cyrka. Originally released on the Dutch Roxon label in 1998, Lion Music bought the rights of it in 2001.

This new version features a bonus track ("Zantac"), new artwork and a better sound. Also watch out for Torben’s second album "Heavy Persuasion", released by Lion Music too!



Rating : 80 %

Review by Ronny Elst