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Bassist extraordinaire Randy Coven states, "Today, during all this chaos, I have found myself returning to my fusion roots on my latest CD Witch Way. This CD represents all the years of pent up musical energy I needed to release, or I will explode CD! " The album features guest guitarists such as Leslie West, Al Pitrelli and Jim Hickey, as well as drummer John Macaluso and keyboardists Delmar Brown and Jeff Shapiro. Included is a fusiony instrumental cover of the Doors' "Ryders On The Storm" as well as an updated version of Coven's own "Tree", entitled (of course) "Tree II". Pitrelli also chips in with songrwiting credits on "Island Dream" and "Darklite".
1. Island Dream 4:53
2. Ryders On the Storm 4:23
3. Love Kitchen 3:51
4. Poem 3:52
5. Funk You 3:49
6. Tree II 3:27
7. Darklight 4:13
8. Therapy 3:59