Blackmore's Castle CD's

Due to changes within the postal system we can no longer ship just one single CD (or we could but shipping would be very expensive)
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We are very sorry for this change but we have no way to influence the current changes within the postal system.
On the other hand we will offer discounts on bigger orders as much as possible.

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Blackmore's Castle(CD)

€8.90.  / $11.90

1 Bloodsucker Mister Kite 4:45
2 Perfect Strangers Transcendence 5:03
3 Stargazer Arabesque 8:55
4 Self Portrait Lars Eric Mattsson 3:28
5 Sixteenth Century Greensleeves Reign Of Terror 7:56
6 Gates of Babylon Iron Mask 7:21
7 The Battle Rages On Headline 5:55
8 Black Night Condition Red 4:20
9 Space Truckin' Torben Enevoldsen 4:57
10 Man On the Silver Mountain Eric Zimmermann 3:48
11 Highway Star Winterlong 6:00
12 Lazy Jason Richardson 6:03
13 Still I'm Sad Condition Red 4:03