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Lion Music are proud to announce the signing of DOCKER’S GUILD to the label for the debut album “The Mystic Technocracy - Season 1: The Age of Ignorance”.

Docker's Guild is the solo effort of Douglas R. Docker, who put his talent and writing skill into “The Mystic Technocracy”, an opera which unfolds over 5 “seasons”. The first season, called “Season I: The Age of Ignorance”, sees the participation of worldwide acclaimed musicians like Gregg Bissonette (Joe Satriani, David Lee Roth), Magnus Jacobson, Tony Franklin (Blue Murder), Guthrie Govan (Asia), Jeff Watson (MNight Ranger), John Payne (Asia, GPS), Göran Edman (Karmakanic, Yngwie Malmsteen), Amanda Somerville (Kiske/Somerville), Tony Mills (TNT, Shy) and many others. Docker's Guild, even if inspired by progressive masters like Yes, ELP, Dream Theater and Genesis, lives on its own sounds which is a very personal mixture of progressive roots played and crafted by mainly AOR musicians.

Douglas R. Docker has worked with a lot of acclaimed artists like Tony Franklin, Tim Bogert, Shining Line and Graig Goldie besides being the keyboardist for internationally acclaimed melodic rock band Biloxi. Biloxi's debut "Let The Games Begin" obtained worldwide success, reaching #10 in the Japanese charts (Burrn! Magazine) and #1 in England as the best import CD of 1993 (Kerrang! Magazine), as well as collecting an impressive amount of rave reviews worldwide. Biloxi toured the Los Angeles club scene extensively in 1993-1994, regularly headlining and selling out all the legendary Sunset Strip clubs, such as the Roxy, the Wiskey à Gogo and the Troubadour, among others. Biloxi then went on a promotional tour in Mississippi which culminated by headlining a show at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum in Biloxi (MS) in January 1994.

The Mystic Technocracy is a new and exciting science-fiction story and music project that has been in development for a number of years. It is the fictional outcome of a very simple observation: for 4000 years man has tortured, murdered, waged warfare and committed genocide in the name of the same God worshiped by Christians, Jews and Muslims, the three monotheistic religions. It is not a story against religion, but it is a story about the madness of man when he falls under the influence of fanatical dogmatic faith. This religious premise has then been plugged into a science-fiction universe, in which religion was created by a silicon-based life form, the Mystic Technocracy, in order to control, manipulate and eventually destroy humanity.

If you like TV series and 1930s serials like Babylon 5, Space 1999, Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers, this is for you. If you like progressive rock bands like Yes, ELP and Dream Theater, AOR bands like Asia and Journey as well as Duran Duran, David Bowie, Jarre and The Rockets, this is also for you. If you have a healthy dislike of fundamentalism, and blind dogmatic faith, and spend lots of time wondering why so much pain and destruction can be generated by religions whose main goal is supposed to be love and compassion, then this is definitely for you.

The release  date for Docker's Guild “The Mystic Technocracy - Season 1: The Age of Ignorance” will be announced shortly.  In the meantime a teaser video for the album can be viewed at



Lion Music are proud to announce the signing of Italian progressive metal band THE MOOR to the label’s roster.

Hailing from from Venice (IT), The Moor were formed in the summer of 2009 by vocalist/guitarist Enrico Longhin and guitarist Davide Carraro (both ex-members of Bleed In Vain). In 2010, after some early line-up changes, Riccardo Freguja (bass) and Max Lombardo (drums) were the right persons for what became The Moor’s self titled debut EP. Recorded during spring/summer 2010, mixing and mastering sessions took place at Studio Fredman (Sweden) with acclaimed producers Fredrik Nordstrom and Henrik Udd (In Flames, Dream Evil, Opeth, Dimmu Borgir, Bring Me The Horizon). After the EP’s recording sessions Max Lombardo quit the band and was replaced by Alberto Businari. A further line-up change occurred in July 2011 with new bassist Massimo Cocchetto (ex Bleed In Vain) solidifying the line-up.

Since their inception, The Moor has consistently incorporated sounds from prog rock, metal, death metal (for the guitars parts), seventies and alternative influences into their compositions making for a very compelling end product; yet all the time with a metal outlook.

In the run up to the bands full length debut album due later in 2012, Lion Music will digitally release the bands self titled 5 track EP ‘The Moor’ on 27th January 2012 on all leading digital platforms (iTunes, Amazon etc).

A behind the scenes promo video for one of the EP's more mellow tracks - ‘Venice’  - is streaming now at 

The Moor EP track listing
01- Covered
02- Before Abigail
03- Antikythera
04- Venice
05- The Road

Full info on the upcoming debut album to follow soon. 


British traditional metal outfit VENDETTA are ready to take it to the hilt once more on the 23rd March 2012 with the release of their eagerly awaited third album “World Under Fire”.

Featuring ten scorching tracks, the album has all the hallmarks of its forbearers; blistering solos, pounding drums, steadfast bass and impassioned vocals. Added to this already staple mix is a refined melodic sensibility and additional sonic elements that bring a heightened depth to the band’s sound.

We are pleased to release the stunning cover artwork with full album information to follow shortly.

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Barring any last minute unforeseen delays we are pleased to confirm the following releases for the first quarter of 2012.

27 January 2012

House of Shakira / HoS - Back with a revamped line-up featuring melodic rock powerhouse Andreas Novak on lead vocals, "HoS" sees the Swedish melodic hard rock masters House Of Shakira return with their best album in their highly illustrious career.

Consortium Project II / Continuum In Extremis – Second release of our continuing Consortium Project reissues. Features completely remastered sound and additional 2 never before heard bonus tracks.

The Moor / The Moor EP - Digital only release of new signings 2010 5 track EP.  Look out for the full length studio album later in 2012.

27 February 2012

Lord Of Mushrooms / Perspectives - Long awaited second album from the French progressive metallers. One of the most original bands out there now with new vocalist Gustavo Monsanto (ex Adagio). Plus highly original packaging.

Consortium Project III / Terra Incognita - Third release of our continuing Consortium Project reissues. Features completely remastered sound and additional 2 never before heard bonus tracks.

23 March 2012

Vendetta / World Under Fire - The British Traditional Metal merchants return with their third effort and one that will blow your brains out. Expert song craft and musicianship make this one not to miss for fans of Priest, Maiden, Heaven & Hell along with more 80's metal sounds ala Fifth Angel.

Consortium Project IV / Children Of Tomorrow - Fourth and final release of our continuing Consortium Project reissues. Features completely remastered sound and additional 2 never before heard bonus track