French melodic metal band VENTURIA are back marking a “Dawn Of A New Era” with their third album, one which boasts a more refined direct sound full of powerful songs, beautiful melodies, catchy riffs and sophisticated arrangements, released 21 September 2012.


The band origins stem back to the mid 2000’s. After signing a record deal with Lion Music in 2005, Venturia’s first album "The New Kingdom" was released in April 2006. This debut album was highly acclaimed by media worldwide with many calling it a new voice for the progressive metal genre.

In 2007, Venturia were invited by Swiss Television TSR to record a one-hour live show. During all of that year, the band wrote new songs and worked on new sounds with the band heading to Switzerland at tale end of the year to begin the recording of their second opus, "Hybrid" at Artsonik studios.

October 2008 saw "Hybrid" (Lion Music) released and again media sang the praises of the band. Venturia then played some gigs and festivals in Europe during 2009. Later that year for practical reasons the band parted ways with American male singer Marc Ferreira with guitarist Charly Sahona taking on the duty of lead male vocalist in the band. Sahona honed his vocal style on his 2010 solo album "Naked Thoughts From a Silent Chaos" (Lion Music).

In October 2010, original drummer Diego Rapacchietti quit the band for personal and artistic reasons. A replacement was quickly found in Frederic Marchal, a long-term friend of the band. Charly Sahona comments, “Frederic Marchal fits totally with the band. His playing is rich, technical, versatile and groovy. The choice of having him in the band was obvious as he's been friend with the band for a long time now”.

2011 saw Venturia start recording their new studio album "Dawn Of a New Era" with Kevin Codfert (producer of Adagio, Myrath etc). This stage of the album creation was delayed due to the line-up issues with the original songwriting taking place between 2009 and 2010. The same year saw Charly selected from thousands of contestants from all over the world to play at the live final for the “Guitar Idol 3” competition that took place in London in December. The album was then mixed and mastered in the first half of 2012.

Now the new album “Dawn Of A New Era” is complete and ready for release. The album title represents the challenges that have faced the band since their second album and the new found positivity and fun that was had recording the new material. Lydie Lazulli comments, “There's a great connection between everybody, we arranged the songs all together so that everybody can express themselves. We put away the progressive and complicated side of our music. However, there are all the musical elements of the previous Venturia albums with beautiful melodies, multi-layered vocals, technical, powerful playing and keyboards so the core sound is not so different”.

In addition the band have filmed a big budget video for “What If I”, one of the albums most commercial songs with its world premier due in August 2012 and plans are afoot to tour in Europe to promote the new release.

“Dawn Of A New Era” marks an extremely powerful third album from Venturia, one of the freshest bands heard in metal in the 21st century and sees release through Lion Music on 21 September 2012.


01. Devil In Disguise.
02. Secret Dream.
03. A New Dawn Rising.
04. What We're Here For.
05. What If I.
06. Phoenix.
07. Spiritual Path.
08. A Land of Dreams.

Lydie Lazulli: Vocals.
Charly Sahona: Guitars, vocals, keys.
Thomas James Potrel: Bass.
Frederic Marchal: Drums.



The New Kingdom


Naked Thoughts From A Silent Chaos