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01. Under The Influence
02. The Butcher
03. Dark Matter
04. Dominion
05. E.B.E.
06. Hillbilly Militia
07. Jazzmine's Song
08. War Of The Angels
09. The Duel
10.  Piece Of Mind

Rusty Cooley 7 string guitar
Bobby Williamson Keyboards
Brent Marches Bass
Additional programming by Rusty Cooley and Bobby Williamson
Eric Sands plays fretless bass on middle section of Jazzmine’s Song

All music written by Rusty Cooley
Rhythmic breakdown in The Butcher
By Cooley & Marches
Copyright 1998 and 2002, BMI
Produced by Rusty Cooley
Recorded at Magik Studios in Houston, TX by Karim Khorsheed
Lead guitars on tracks 1, 3, 7 recorded by Eric Sands at Eric’s studio
Re-Mixed and Mastered by Gregg Gill at Diamond Recording
Photos by Susan Cooley
Video editing by Allison Gill
Under The Influence Music notation by Jason Macedo
Under The Influence transcribed by Rusty Cooley



Rusty Cooley is arguably one of the world’s most famous shredders in 2008 thanks to his classic debut album and band works in Outworld. Being a frequent columnist in numerous guitar magazines worldwide and a perpetual fans favourite on thousands of guitar websites and forums online; with one listen to Rusty’s self-titled solo album its easy to hear why.

With a technique that can only be described as flawless across not just 6, but 7 and 8 strings, Rusty takes the shreds foundations as laid down by the likes of Yngwie Malmsteen, Randy Rhoads and Edward Van Halen and overdrives the intensity throughout a myriad of complex progressive arrangements all of which will have even the most hardened guitar fan scratching their head in amazement.

Yet the Rusty Cooley experience isn’t just about technique, Rusty is able to lay down his formidable fretboard skills into strong song frameworks that maintain the listener’s interest and hold up to countless spins. Its little wonder that high profile guitarists such as John Petrucci (Dream Theater) who stated, "There is a guy who kicked my ass in a major way – Rusty Cooley who I have become friends with. He is an ultra technical ultra shred monster man, a real kick in the ass. As I’ve said, it’s like you really think you can play and then you hear that stuff!" - ( interview) and Mark Tremonti (Alter Bridge) "When you hear Rusty Cooley's ability you will swear he wasn't human") hold Rusty in such high regard.

Now Lion Music offer up Rusty’s debut solo album with a remixed and re-mastered sound, bonus tracks, new artwork and the added extra of a bonus DVD featuring a guitar lesson from Rusty, a promo video for the track “Under The Influence” as well as tablature to allow fans to the chance to master Rusty’s technique.

This bonus packed re-release is a must own for fans of old and is the ideal starting point for music fans that wish to get a taste of the Rusty Cooley experience.

• Rusty Cooley is one of the most prominent guitarists on the metal scene with a rapidly rising reputation and popularity.
• Rusty is a regular guest columnist for world leading guitar publications such as Guitar World, Total Guitar and Guitar Techniques.
•  Enhanced and improved edition of a classic guitar instrumental release.
•  Re-mastered sound and all new artwork.
• Bonus DVD included with loads of extras.
•  Reviews in all leading printed and electronic rock/metal/specialist instrument music press.
•  Rusty is available for interview, to arrange yours contact