Released June 15th 2007



01. Broke.
02. American Dance.
03. Anthem.
04. Cardiac.
05. Dropout.
06. Harmonic Spheres.
07. Divide & Conquer.
08. Kindering Spirits.
09. Heartline.
10. Tied Knots.
11. Bleed.
12. Tjabala.
13. Fried Call.
14. When Little Angels.
15. Sceptic Desire.
16. Aragon.

Joop Wolters - Guitar, bass, some keys, drum programming.
Patrick Eijdems - Drums on the song “Heartline”
Virgil Donati - Drums on the song “Tied Knots”
Alex Argento - first keyboard lead on the song “Drop Out”
Mike Roeloefs - Keys on the song “Drop Out”, keyboard lead in the song “Cardiac”

Written, produced and recorded by Joop Wolters.
Cover Concept, Design, Booklet Artwork by Carl-Andre Beckston.
Photography - Nico Wobben.

Joop Wolters

Joop Wolters
Speed, Traffic & Guitar Accidents

Dutch guitar sensation JOOP WOLTERS is fast gaining a reputation as one of Europe’s finest new breeds of virtuoso guitarists. Having been involved in the music scene on a recording level since 1995 with numerous solo albums and band projects under his belt, Joop’s trademark style is fast gaining a solid fan base around the world and with his soon to be released third solo album ‘OUT OF ORDER’, Joop has raised his performances to even greater levels.

Home to 16 tracks of Joop’s trademark elegant guitar work that travels through a variety of moods and styles, ‘Out Of Order’ represents Joop’s best and most distinct work to date coupled with superb production and classy artwork (by Carl-Andre' Beckston) make OUT OF ORDER a superb addition to any instrumental guitar fans collection.

‘Out Of Order’ ranges from heavy [Broke, Divide & Conquer] to the melodic [Kindering Sprits], delving into fusion waters [Cardiac, Dropout], to smoky Spanish nights [Harmonic Spheres] and the progressive [Tied Knots, which features Steve Vai/Planet X drummer Virgil Donati] via many others moods and textures. Joop Wolters shows is he a master of many genres and with ‘Out Of Order’ has an instrumental album that keep its own vibe giving a sense of continuity yet helping to keep the music interesting due to its diversity.

“Out Of Order” is Joop Wolters third solo album on Lion Music following 2004’s “Speed, Traffic & Guitar Accidents” and 2003’s “Workshop”. Joop has also featured on other Lion Music releases including “Arabesque – The Union”, “Lalu – Oniric Metal”, Hubi Meisel’s ‘Em Ocean’ and ‘Kailash’ in addition to tribute albums to Gary Moore, Ritchie Blackmore, Jimi Hendrix and Shawn Lane. As well as being a player for commercial live-gigs ranging from pop, jazz, rock, fusion and metal, Joop is also heavily involved in the forthcoming “Shadrane” project on Lion Music featuring notable artists such as Virgil Donati, Simon Phillips, Mike Terrana, Steve Walsh, John Macaluso, Tony Franklin, Greg and Matt Bissonette and many more.

» Out Of Order is the 3rd album from one of Europe’s hottest guitar players.
» Out Of Order is Joop best work to date.
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