Released Sept 22nd 2006
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Abstract Impact
Verbal Defense Mechanism
The Shrink
La Bella Mira
Traumatized To The Bone
Still Bleeding
Patron Saint
That Moment
The Skill Factor
Inner Alchemy
New Race

Hidden Bonus track: Guitar solo
2 Cover songs (Still Of The Night and Rooster)
Biography and DVD Story
Marcel Coenen Live In Thailand
Behind The Scenes
Picture Gallery.

Marcel Coenen – Guitar and Vocals (all songs)
Hans In T Zandt – Drums (1, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, cover songs)
Roel Van Helden – Drums (2, 5, 7, 10, 11)
Spike – Drums (12, 13, 14)
Richard Ritterbeeks – Bass (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ,8, 9, 10, 11, 14, cover songs)
Maurice Brouwers – Bass (12, 13)
Frank Schiphorst – Guitar (all songs)
Rene Ubachs – Keyboards (2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, 14, Still Of The Night)
Colleen Gray – Vocals and Piano (songs 5, 6, 7, 9)
Joyce Dijkgraaf – Vocals (6, 9)
Paul Adrian Villarreal – Vocals (2, 5, 7, 9, 14)
Hans Reinders – Vocals (2, Rooster)
Mike Andersson – Vocals (14, Still Of The Night)
Dennis Schreurs – Vocals (5)
Menno Corbeek – Vocals (5)

Produced by Hans reinders & Marcel Coenen.
Recorded during May, June and July 2005 at PITstudio, Weert, The Netherlands.
Bass tracks by Richard Ritterbeeks recorded at Richard`s home studio in The Netherlands.
All vocals on "Waiting" were recorded at B.J.`s Studio, Sweden.
Bob Katsionis` keyboard solo recorded at Sound Symmetry Studio, Athens, Greece.
Rene Kroon`s keyboards were recorded at Rene`s home studio in The Netherlands.
All vocals and piano by Colleen Gray recorded at Shades of Gray Studio in California, USA.
Uros Raskovski`s guitar solo recorded at 44 Magic Musika Studios, LA, California, USA.)



Recorded and filmed at January 28th 2006 in Weert, The Netherlands, at "De Bosuil".

A Live Time Journey is the much anticipated live DVD from Marcel Coenen (Sun Caged). The DVD is a live documentation of the live performance to launch Marcel’s second solo album ‘Colour Journey’ (2006 Lion Music) in his native Netherlands. The DVD sees a wealth of musical talent travel from around the globe to perform the many musical styles of ‘Colour Journey’ in the live arena.

Marcel's Comments
Initial Idea & Preparation
My second album, called "Colour Journey" was released in January 2006 and has been receiving great reviews. To celebrate the release of Colour Journey, I planned a CD Release Party. The party had to be something special, so the idea came about to make a live DVD, playing the entire album live with almost all of the guest musicians who appear on the “Colour Journey” album.

I had some overseas musicians working with me, so I had to think of a plan to get them over for the show. I was happy that Mike Andersson and Colleen Gray were available and more then happy to come over for the show.

Then I started planning the whole event. I made a set list containing all songs from “Colour Journey”, some songs from my first solo CD “Guitartalk” and some cool covers.

I needed a second guitarist who was able to play twin lines with me and had good rhythm guitar skills. Frank Schiphorst I knew very well, as I had filled in as a guitarist for his own band, Symmetry, and I knew he was a good choice for the job. Since I programmed most of the keyboards on “Colour Journey” I also needed a keyboard player who was able to play with me. At first I contacted Rene Kroon (Sun caged) who also plays on the song “Patron Saint” on the Colour Journey CD, but Rene was dealing with some health issues so a replacement had to be found. I contacted Rene Ubachs (from the Dutch band, Arabesque) and was very happy that he could do the job. On all other instruments I contacted all the players who also worked with me on the “Colour Journey” album. The musicians also learned some songs from my first solo CD, and also some covers we played at the end of the show. The singers all helped each other with harmony lines from their respective songs.

The first rehearsals we did were just with the drummers and second guitarist, Frank.
The first full rehearsal with everyone involved was in the venue where the gig was taking place, the day before the show. I noticed during these rehearsals that something special was happening. Call it magic, but it seemed like all the musicians played with each other for years. The chemistry was awesome during the rehearsals and I knew it was becoming something really special.

The singers took a different room and rehearsed their lines (and harmony lines, helping each other learn the parts) in that room while we were rehearsing the music on the stage. This was my first time hearing songs like “Moyra” and “Inner Alchemy” being played by a real drummer and bass player. What an awesome experience! I wish I had recorded “Guitartalk” that way.

The Day Of The Show
The day started with another rehearsal on the stage, and while we were rehearsing the people of the venue were preparing everything for the show. Martin Verberk came in and started to install his audio recording tools. Also the crew from LowLifeMedia came in and started to plan the DVD shooting.

The audio recording was BIG. 32 tracks totally used! With two drum kits on stage, two keyboards, a bass stack, two guitar stacks and four different singing mikes we had a huge recording going on.

When the crowd came in and Colleen started doing her show I was getting nervous. Was everything set up right?? Is nothing going to break down? Will the camera’s work properly? Will we play well? All sorts of things started to go through my head, so I needed to take a time for myself. I locked myself up in a small room for 15 minutes and meditated to clear my mind and come to rest. When I was done meditating it was time to hit the stage.

When Colleen Gray announced me the adrenaline raised through my veins… When I walked on stage and saw all the people who came to see the show I was very happy, and I knew the show was going to become something special.

I never imagined so many people would come to see me, people from Portugal, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, and off course from the Netherlands. The crowd reacted very well to the show and the show itself went pretty smooth (some technical issues appeared though, and some little playing mistakes were made as well).

I decided not to edit out all the mistakes, so what you get is a pure registration of this evening like it was. You will hear some mistakes, and you will notice some things not going so smooth, but it is LIVE, with only two full days of rehearsing.

Thoughts on the extra's
In my opinion a DVD is worth buying if it has some extra stuff as well. I decided to include some cool footage. The Thailand show was recorded in March 2006 and was of good quality, so I decided to include some footage from that show. The behind the scenes material was recorded during the preparation for the show, and is a cool add-on. The covers were too great to leave them out, even if they are not played too well, but the chemistry is there. The Hidden guitarsolo is a nice feature which people have to find (tip: scroll around on the first page). The other extra's are cool add-ons.

Live DVD from Sun Caged guitarist Marcel Coenen.
Great varied selection of vocal and instrumental tracks.
Guest performances from many well known names in the metal/progressive metal field.
Lots of extras.