Released Jan 20th 2006
EAN: 6419922001639


01. Waiting.
02. Abstract Impact.
03. Patron Saint.
04. La Bella Mira.
05. Traumatized to the Bone.
06. Skill Factor.
07. That Moment.
08. The Shrink.
09. Verbal Defence Mechanism.
10. New Race.
11. Still Bleeding.

Guitars - Marcel Coenen.
Vocals - Mike Andersson, Colleen Gray, Paul Villarreal, Joyce Dijkgraaf,  Hans Reinders, Menno Corbeek, Dennis Schreurs.
Drums - Roel Van Helden, Spike, Hans In 'T Zandt.
Bass - Maurice Brouwers, Richard Ritterbeeks.
Guest Guitar - Uros Raskovski - guest guitar solo on "the Shrink"
Keyboards - Rene Kroon, Bob Katsionis.

Produced by Hans Reinders & Marcel Coenen.
Recorded during May, June and July 2005 at PITstudio, Weert, The Netherlands.
Bass tracks by Richard Ritterbeeks recorded at Richard`s home studio in The Netherlands.
All vocals on "Waiting" were recorded at B.J.`s Studio, Sweden.
Bob Katsionis` keyboard solo recorded at Sound Symmetry Studio, Athens, Greece.
Rene Kroon`s keyboards were recorded at Rene`s home studio in The Netherlands.
All vocals and piano by Colleen Gray recorded at Shades of Gray Studio in California, USA.
Uros Raskovski`s guitar solo recorded at 44 Magic Musika Studios, LA, California, USA.)




Colour Journey is the phenomenal second solo album from Sun Caged guitarist Marcel Coenen. Colour Journey will take the listener on a voyage through many musical landscapes that will captivate its audience. Unlike Marcel’s debut solo instrumental album ‘Guitartalk’, ‘Colour Journey’ features a range of vocalist who has each put their own stamp on their respective tracks. ‘Colour Journey’ is an album to suit many moods and please fans old and new.

On the music Marcel comments:
The music is very diverse; I tried to make an album which showed my song writing skills more then my guitar playing skills. Of course there are songs where I shred (New Race) but mainly the songs are catchy and easy to listen to. "Waiting" is a more power metal orientated song with Mike Andersson from Cloudscape on vocals. "Abstract Impact" is more of a Satriani like grooving song, and is the first instrumental. "Patron Saint" is a prog metal song, sort of in the style of my band Sun Caged. It also features the drummer, keyboard player and singer of Sun Caged. "La Bella Mira" is an instrumental ballad and is dedicated to my girlfriend; A beautiful song with long passionate notes. "Traumatized To The Bone" is the heaviest song on the record, and even features Death Grunts. There are 4 different singers in this song ranging from a female voice to death metal vox.

"Skill Factor" is an instrumental fusion track, which also has a bass and drum solo, a very groovy and funky track with jazzy elements. "That Moment" is another ballad-ish song, with a high POP music groove. The song has been sung by Colleen Gray, a great female singer from the USA. "The Shrink" is the only song from the album I have not written myself but is written by Hans In T Zandt and a guitarist he met while he was in the USA. This guitarist also plays a guest solo in the song, and I re-arranged the song and played all guitars and keys. "V(erbal) D(efense) M(echanism) brings back memories to bands like Alice In Chains and Soundgarden while "New Race" rocks your socks off, being a true 80's metal song with high shredding guitars. The last song on the album "Still Bleeding" is a very atmospheric song with female vocals, being a more gothic alike song with sympho elements.

Second solo album from Sun Caged guitarist Marcel Coenen.
Great varied selection of vocal and instrumental tracks.
Guest performances from many well known names in the metal/progressive metal field.

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Marcel Coenen
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