01. Another Flower.
02. Alone.
03. Time 4 Lovers.
04. Icy Moon.
05. Au Premiere Coup.
06. Dangerous Diamonds.
07. Take Off.
08 .Blue Diamond (instrumental).
09. Lovin’ Me.
10. Sixth Sun.
11. Bitter & Sweet.

Giorgia Gueglio – Vocals.
Pier Gonella – Guitars.
Steve Vawamas – Bass.
Alesandro Bissa – Drums.

Produced by Mastercastle and Lion Music.
Recorded by Pier Gonella at “Music Art studio” (Genova).
Mastered by Pier Gonella and Simone Mularoni at Domination Studio.

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Last Desire

The Phoenix


After two critically acclaimed releases, Italian metal masters Mastercastle return with their glittering new album ‘Dangerous Diamonds’, their third album in as many years. Once again the band has conjured up another batch of powerful and infectious metal tracks which mark their most accomplished work to date.

Sitting somewhere between the timbres of the neo-classically tinted 2009 debut ‘The Phoenix’ and the straighter classic metal approach of last years ‘Last Desire’, ‘Dangerous Diamonds’ draws on the best aspects of its predecessors to further hone the bands trademark sound – powerful, melodic, epic and dynamic. Fans of its predecessors will revel in the 11 tracks on offer in the new release.

Musically the band is driven by the trio of gifted guitarist Pier Gonella, bassist Steve Vawamas and drummer Alessandro Bissa. Musically adept and incredibly powerful in their performances its little wonder the band are picking up a solid fan base worldwide. This solid musical background is the right place for the soaring voice of Giorgia Gueglio to work her magic over. A female vocalist who has her own distinctive style, Giorgia’s vocals are powerful yet clean and deliver an excellent performance over the various moods of music on offer.

Once again Giorgia draws on a wide range of topics for lyrical influence with the title track covering the hot topic of diamonds and the deeper meaning and evils of the precious stones. “Icy Moon” tells the tale of fishermen and their life in unforgiving seas. “Sixth Sun” gives the bands viewpoint on the Mayan 2012 prophecy whilst the ballad “Loving Me” tells the importance of loving ourselves and the child we have been. “Time For Lovers” tell the romantic tale of sweet but all too short romance that blossoms on a train between Paris and Berlin whilst “Au Premiere Coup” pays homage to Italian painter Bruno Galbiati (1932-1992) with his instinctive style also reflecting the way the track was composed. “Bitter & Sweet” tells a tale about New York, a world of concrete, lights and little views of sky and freedom, yet a city that offers up sweetness as well.

The seeds of ‘Dangerous Diamonds’ were sown when the band started composing the tracks in the summer 2010, just a few months after the release of “Last Desire” album. By December 2010, 8 songs were written and recordings commenced in March 2011 at Pier Gonella’s studio (Music Art studio). The album was mixed in May by Pier and Giorgia. Finally Pier mastered the album with Simone Mularoni at his “Domination Studio” over the summer of 2011.

The final sound of ‘Dangerous Diamonds’ is the best yet from Mastercastle being big, open, warm and clear in sound, free of gimmicks with a no-nonsense approach. This is an album that will beg to be played loud when released on 18th November.

Third strike from Italian metallers and one that is sure to see the band expand on their ever increasing fan base.
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