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Released – August 24th 2006
LMDVD183 EAN6419922001837

Track Listing DVD
01- Into The Black
02-Duelling Waters
03- Now
04-The Silence Of Loss
05- The Awakening
06- The Edge
07-At The Crossroads

DVD Bonus Features
-Men & Machines
(Video Clip and Photo Gallery)
- Mike Terrana’s drum solo
-Behind The Scene Documentary

Track Listing CD
01- The stalker-intro (GuitarFest 2005)
02- Now (GuitarFest 2005)
03- The edge (GuitarFest 2005)
04- Truer than ever (GuitarFest 2005)
05- Duelling waters
06-I nto the black
07- Broken hero
08- Men and machines
09- The awakening
10 - Behind the catwalk (remixed)
11 - Outsiders (retracked and remixed)
12 - State of mind (new song)
13 - Time to believe (new song)

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Production Credits
Live audio recorded, mixed and mastered by Juan Guevara, Felipe Guevara-Closet Studios.
DVD directed and edited by Gustavo Murawczik.
Artwork by Manuel Giménez Caballero.

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Tony Hernando – one of Europe’s leading instrumental guitarists presents the stunning Live DVD and CD package “THIII Live!”. The collection features live concert footage, new songs, a documentary and much more!

The live performance DVD side of “THIII Live” features Tony Hernando and drum legend Mike Terrana (Malmsteen / Axel Rudi Pell / Artension) at their best backed up by the awesome Chema Herrero on Rhythm guitar, Toni Ferrer on Bass and Boris Dimitrov on Keyboards. The DVD was recorded in Bilbao, Spain in 2005.

The CD side of the package contains alternative songs from different live performances from the DVD, as well as new mixes and new compositions, which making this a great extra.

Guesting on the new studio material alongside Tony Hernando (all guitars, bass on tracks 12, 13, vocals on track 13) is Mike Terrana (Drums on tracks 10,11),Vitalij Kuprij (Keyboards on track 11), Pepe Bao (Bass on tracks 10,11),Victor Diez (Keyboards on track 10) and Gerald Kloos (Drums on tracks 12, 13).

DVD Sample Clips (in wmv format)
Right click > save as.

now (4.57mb)

into the black (3.65mb)

Brief Artist Background
Spanish guitarist Tony Hernando has released 2 solo albums on Lion Music to date - III (2005) and The Shades Of Truth (2002) – as well as having contributed to the following Lion Music tribute album – Give Us Moore: Gary Moore Trib, Beyond Inspiration: Uli Jon Roth Tribute and The Spirit Lives On: Jimi Hendrix Tribute – in addition Tony has also guested on Mistheria – Messenger Of The Gods. Tony began his musical journey at age 9 before eventually studying at Musicians Institute’s G.I.T in the USA under Brett Garsed, Scott Henderson, Dan Gilbert and Paul Hanson amongst other.

For full biography please visit www.lionmusic.com/artists/hernando.htm

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  • Reviews at all leading rock/metal publications and online sites.
  • Album showcases at selected elite websites.
    Interviews can be conducted in English or Spanish.

Press Inquiries / Interviews
For further information and press promo tools and/or to book your interview with Tony Hernando please contact the Lion Music team at promo@lionmusic.com
or lion.sales@lionmusic.com



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