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The Prog Metal Collection

Seventh Wonder - Become
Seventh Wonder - Waiting in the Wings
Tomorrow's Eve - Tales From Serpentia
Tears of Anger - Still Alive
Tears of Anger - In The Shadows
Twinspirits - The Music That Will heal The World
Twinspirits - The Forbidden City
Vargton Project - Progxperiemntal
XII Gates - In Hoc Signo Vinces
Status Minor - Three Faces of Antoine

Status Minor - Ouroboros
Structural Disorder - ...and the Cage Crumbles in the Final Scene
Sphere of Souls . From the Ashes...
Section A - Parallel Lives
Seyminhol - Ophelian Fields
Sun Caged - The Lotus Effect
Palace Terrace - Flying Through Time
No Gravity - Worlds in Collission
The Rock Alchemist - ElementS
Byrd - Flying Beyond the 9
Awake - Illumination
Lord of Mushrooms - Perspectives
Freak Neil Inc - Characters
Mister Kite - Box of Fear
Infinity Overture - Kingdom of Utopia

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Prog Metal Collection



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